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Quran Learning For Kids

We provides 24/7 platform of Quran Learning for Kids online educational courses. Young boys and girls from round the globe can take advantage to attend learning Quran for kids course without leaving their home. Quran for kids program has been designed especially for those, who are finding it difficult in reaching to Masjids regularly, to learn the Holy Book of Allah. All you need is a Personal Computer or Laptop with a microphone and head phone set, a broadband internet connection to avail this facility. (Video camera / web cam not necessary)

We provide 1 to 1 live online Quran learning for kids classes conducted by our Female Qaria or Male Qari using Skype messenger.

Quran Learning For Kids Boy Reading Quran Quran For Kids

We, accept kids with age above 4 years to join this easy online Koran learning program. Quran For Kids is a must education for every Muslim child. A children needs to learn Kalmay, Masoon Duas, Islamic Prayers and Islamic values which will bring a good character in them. Once they starts taking our online Koran lessons regularly, they will quickly grasp it. Alhamdu lillah we organize 1 to 1 Holy Koran classes via internet. So, that students from any part of world can Learn Tajweed rules, according to their schedule and pace. This helps parents also to watch their kids learning about Islam, in front of their eyes.

Quran For Kids

  • Your child learn about Quran and Islam right from the comfort of your home.
  • No driving / pick and drop required to Masjids or nearby Islamic center.
  • Learn Basic Noorani Qaida to understand Arabic Alphabets.
  • Learn Basic reading lessons, easily.
  • Learn Quran with Tajweed rules.
  • Learn Basic Islamic Teachings ( Islamic Prayers, Islamic Duas and Kalmay ).
  • Get free downloadable Quran for kids in multicolour, Noorani Qaida and Islamic story books for kids.
  • Get tutor of your choice either Female Qaria or Male Qari.
  • Online Koran recitation classes for 3 Free days.
  • Affordable and comfortable fee packages.
  • An exclusive online teacher for your child.
  • Our Male or Female tutors are available at your convenient hours.
  • Easy Online Quran classes for kids without leaving your home premises.
  • Ask questions and solve your doubts during online learning classes via voice call with your tutor.

    Quran Learning For Kids is an excellent structured program that enables your child to learn Quran online without leaving the comfort of home. We offer 24/7 classes, online. You can try three FREE trial lessons to evaluate our online learning service. Afterwards that you are able to decide to carry on or discontinue learning with us. Find us on Twitter and Google.
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