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Privacy Policy web siteprivacy statement

This document was last updated on May 29, 2018.

When you use “” web site, you can trust us with your information you share with us. It is our responsibility to take care of the data you provide us while searching or using our services. "" also has its privacy policy in observation with data protection law, and this privacy policy well explains how we collect, interpret your personal data, such as your E-mail, phone, Skype I.D etc. We do not take any financial data like Credit Card details directly on the web site.
1. Collecting Data, Processing and its Use:

1.1 Our web sitecan be visited and connected without revelation and exposure of personal data. This data may be collected in an anonymous form in order to provide online tuition services so that we can serve you better.

1.2 In case if you want to get registered to our web sitein order to communicate with us or to take services, then you have to provide data to us. Only this data can be collected and processed to a limited extent for providing our web siteservices to you. No other information without your consent will be accessed or used.

1.3 For this purpose, your following personal data can be collected, processed and used:

1.3.1 E-mail address, Telephone or Mobile number, country, city, skype I.D, time zone and name of all students registered with us and their age.

1.3.2 Information about your interaction with our web site services, content advertisement, your device (computer or any other gadget) and internet connection, IP address. page impression statistics, web log advertisement data, and data traffic.

1.3.3 Information we may request to authenticate yourself.

1.4 Communication data that generates by using our web site induce textual data. Apart from that communication details and connection time etc. is collected and used to calculate remuneration generate from this communication.

1.5 The personal data given for the purpose of identifying, defying and removing malfunctions and errors can also be collected, processed and used.

2. Retention and Transfer of Personal Data to Third Parties:

2.1 Within the Scope set forth in section 1.1 and 1.2, there is the chance of engagement of external services companies in the US, Asia and EU union, with servers in the United States, by mode of order for processing the data. It would be done only on the basis of agreements that will ensure proper use and processing of personal data.

“I hereby give consent to deliver my personal data according to Sec 1.1 and 1.2 to third parties for billing and scheduling. I reserve the right to withdraw this consent by notifying “” in writing or by e-mail. And then is obliged to remove my personal data from their and from third party’s servers within a reasonable period of time.”

2.2 Moreover, we share some of the personal data, like Skype ID and Name with the teacher with whom you take online classes. No one from the teachers is allowed to take any of the personal or financial information from the students. Also, students are not allowed to share any of the personal or financial information with the teacher too.

2.3 Your data will remain with us for an unlimited period of time even if you completed or quit services with us. This is only for the purpose to improve service quality and to maintain records so that whenever you will resume services, you will have your all records. You can email us to delete all of your data permanently.

3. About Cookies:

3.1 The dissemination of certain information and some functions of this web siteis only possible by collecting, processing and using data that we may receiver either directly by you or by the computer your use.

3.2 Cookies are a small piece of data, we use these cookies to provide customized services to our customers through identifying individual customers and through the pattern of their usage. We use these cookies to identify you or to check if you are logged in. Users can opt to disable cookies on their browsers.

Declaration of Consent:
“I hereby give my consent to use my personal data saved in cookies. I consent to this cookies data remaining on my device at the end of a browsing session and being used upon my next visit to the web site.I reserve the right to withdraw this permission by notifying “” in writing or through e-mail, and next it will be my responsibility to turn off the cookies of my browser.”

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