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Online Quran Classes

Online Quran Classes Trial
Online Quran Classes Benefits Essentials
Noorani Qaida Free Learning Material Fill in Registration Form
Basic Islamic teachings
( Salah, Fasting, Kalmay & Islamic Duas )
Free Qaida, Quran and Books Land line Telephone Number
Learn Quran with Tajweed Free Islamic story books Minimum Start Age 4 year
Learn Quran with Translation Free Registration Free Trials Fee Deposit after Successful trial
Learn Quran with Tafseer 1 to 1 Online live classes Equipments for learning
Quran Recitation Inexpensive Fee
Quran Memorization (Hifz) No traveling and no driving Computer or Laptop or tablet
Online Arabic classes 24/7 Client Service Internet facility (minimum 1 MB speed)
Hajj Learning Basic course Multiple Student / Family Discount Headphone / Speakers and Mic has qualified Female Qaria and Male Qari for teaching online Quran classes. This is the most suitable and convenient method to attend Quran courses online, without leaving your home. So, now it is possible for everyone and anyone to Learn Koran online with Tajweed, Read and understand just by sitting in front of a laptop or computer screen. We also organize Quran Learning for kids and family. We teach Qur'an Translation, Tafseer, Recitation with Tajweed, Basic Noorani Qaida, Islamic Kalmay, Salah, Fasting and common Islamic Duas. Quran classes online are surely going to bring a good Islamic change in your life.

Free Quran Classes

Quran Courses

Online Quran classes are available with the help of internet technology and there is no need for a student to physically visit an institute to attend Qur'an classes. All you need is a Laptop or an i PAD and you could easily learn Quran online with Tajweed. Before we actually start teaching, we first take a test to check what a student already knows. Depending upon the age and reading status of a student, we could start the teaching process with Basic Noorani Qaida. In the beginning, most students need more time and attention. We usually recommend to take five days Qur'an classes per week and twenty classes per month. Based on our Qur'an teaching experience, it usually takes 24 to 30 months time period to fully complete the reading of Holy Koran.

Online Quran Classes
Quran Courses

Everyone gets a Free trial for 3 days. In this way you will get a chance to check out the quality of our Koran teaching services before paying for fee. If you are interested to enroll yourself or your kids in Online Quran classes then please register with us by filling in the Free trial form. Once we receive student information, we will contact you via email to host 3 Free Online Qur'an Classes.

Online Quran Course

Learning to accurately recite the verses of Quran is the duty of every Muslim. Reading Al-Quran is not very similar to reading other books as it requires knowledge of the rules of Tajweed and accurate pronunciation. At our web site, we offer online Quran course for people of all ages and kids above 4 years. We have the entire package of Quran learning at our Online Quran Course, which is systematically packed with explanations, definitions, examples, tests and other practical exercises. We also have other Islamic material such as Islamic Duas, Kalmay, Bed time Islamic story books and pdf e-books that will help you in understanding the lines of Quran from our experienced Male and female Quran tutors. Listening to the accurate pronunciation of the Quran is the first step when it comes to learning Quran.

Online Quran Course

In our entire package of Online Quran Course, we make sure that each and every syllable of the holy Quran is made familiar to you. We will also have interactive sessions where in we will answer to all your doubts and other pain areas. Our focus at giving you Online Quran Course is to make sure that you will learn to recite the lines of Al-Quran accurately equipped with all the rules of the Tajweed. Enroll with us today to take home the art of reciting the verses of Quran!

Quran Classes Online

Are you looking for learning Quran in the best possible manner? You have come to the right place then. We offer Quran classes online and you don't really have to travel places to learn the best ways of reading Quran. Our Quran classes online provide you with the best equipment and educational chapters that will help you in the accurate manner of reading Quran. It is not about the quantity of verses of Quran that matters to you at the end of the day but the quality of the verses and education. The quality means meeting the requirements of learning Quran like being acquainted with all the rules of the tajweed, perfect pronunciation of the words and the like. We have an experienced team of Male and female Quran mentors who will help you in learning the al-Quran in the best way.

Quran Classes Online

At the end of the day, our focus is to make you accustomed with all the rules of tajweed and making you a pro at reading Al-Quran. Our Quran classes online have the systematic packages coming with all explanations and definitions of the terms used in the Quran. Enroll with us today for Quran classes online and learn the best way of reciting the lines of the holy Quran. We are eager to serve you!

Online Quran Classes are available at hours that are convenient to you!

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